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NDT TestPapers

NDTestPapers gives you a bank of multi-choice questions covering the general theory of the five main NDT methods (RT, UT, MT, PT and ET). Its purpose is to provide question papers for practice in preparation for external examinations, or for internal certification purposes. There are about 300 - 350 questions for each method at each of three levels of difficulty. The package has different levels of access, allowing authorised users to edit the question bank, produce written test papers or carry out practice tests on the computer screen. The screen shots show the question editor and the on-screen test views.

You use the Question Editor to edit the content of the question bank. All questions are entered as multi choice with four answers. Each question can be categorised according to an Industrial Sector, an NDT Method and a Level of difficulty. Questions are selected for use in test papers on the basis of a combination of these three categories. The questions shown in the editor can also be restricted to a combination of some or all of these categories. When you are developing questions you can enter them in the database in draft form; they will only be selected for test papers when you are satisfied and tick the ‘Make available’ box.

This shows an example of the way test papers are presented on screen. A random selection of questions meeting the required criteria for Sector, Method and Level is automatically drawn from the database. Where possible the order of the answers is randomised, so that a candidate seeing the same question twice will not see the answers in the same order. This is suppressed where for example Answer D is ‘All of the above’. The candidate simply clicks one of the options A - D and the ‘Answer’ button. At the end of the test candidates can review the answers they gave alongside the correct answers.
Printed papers are generated in a similar way, with the option to print a list of the correct answers along with the papers for marking purposes.