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NDT TechTracker - Details

Double-clicking the employee's name or selecting a name and clicking the Employee Details button takes you to the Details form. Here you can view and edit full details of their qualifications, training and experience.

From the Qualifications tab you can generate a certificate for use in internal certitication schemes. The content of these certiticates comes directly from the database and the format can be altered by editing a Word template. We can set you up with your initial certificate format, including you headers and logo,if you wish.

Data can be printed out in various formats, incuding a complete summary of all the information held about the technician.

From the main employee list view you can get a list of Renewals Due and a Renewals Calendar.

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The Employee List contains a list of all your employees and shows the qualifications etc. held by the selected employee. The list can be filtered to show only technicians holding a given qualification or a combination of up to five qualifications. The list of ‘reserve’ technicians is similar, but does not hold qualification expiry dates.