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Bespoke Software

In addition to our standard software products, we can develop systems to your specification. We specialise in systems for job and customer management and for the collection and analysis of quality related data.

We develop database systems from scratch or we can use our standard modules to tailor a system to a given specification.

Systems can be delivered as stand-alone self-contained packages based on products for which we have licenses to distribute run-time code, or can be built around client-owned operating systems and other software. We have particular expertise in expanding database capability through seamless integration of other products.

Recent developments include:
A job management/workflow system for a company that reclaims pcb components which have been damaged during board insertion.
A production scheduling system for a manufacturer of PVC and aluminum windows. The database optimises the manufacturing schedule using a system of assigning ‘points’ to each order.
Job management systems for NDT service companies. Typical functions include:
    Controlling procedure and technique documents;
‘Booking in’ and tracking the status of jobs;
Recording the time, consumables and other costs for each job and producing invoices;
Automatically producing certificates, release notes and other documentation.
An inventory management system for an oil company. The system was required to assist in achieving compliance with ISO 14001 (environmental management).
A personnel qualification database for a company that makes handlebars and chain-wheels for off-road motorcycles. The database records details of training, experience and approval to cary out given tasks in different parts of the factory. Security control is fairly complex, with different people authorised to view and change certain types of data.